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  1. The Purpose of Data Collection

Bizhub Asia commits to using and storing the personal data collected in the recruitment system solely for recruitment purposes.
In the event that Bizhub Asia should call on third parties to process job applications, in the name of and on behalf of Bizhub Asia Pte Ltd, the said third parties shall commit, by signing a Confidentiality Agreement, to:

Complying with the standards in effect with regard to personal data protection;
Protecting confidentiality of the personal data;
Respecting the purpose sought.

2.Type of Personal Data Collected

Personal data are defined as information which allows to identify the applicants and which might make it possible to contact them. These include:

  • Surnames and names;
  • Addresses;
  • The telephone or fax numbers;
  • The email addresses;
  • Or any information making it possible to identify applicants.

Bizhub Asia will only collect the personal data regarding the applicants, aside from that which they provide themselves. This means that applicants will be free to choose not to communicate personal data. However, in that event, it is important to note that if the information is essential to processing the request, their request may not be processed.

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